insurance for braces

Insurance for Braces and Invisalign

Straightening your smile has many benefits, but it does also have a cost. That’s why many people wonder about insurance for braces and Invisalign. Here are the basics about orthodontic insurance and how it can help pay for a healthier smile.

Does Orthodontic Insurance Exist?

While you can’t get a specific orthodontic insurance policy, there are policies that include insurance for braces and Invisalign. Dental insurance is usually where orthodontic coverage is found. If you already have dental insurance through your employer, check with the provider to see if it includes orthodontics.

What Does Orthodontic Insurance Cover?

This depends completely on your insurance provider. You will likely never find insurance that covers the entire cost of braces or Invisalign, but many policies pay a portion of it. Some companies will only pay for certain types of treatment or only if the treatment is correcting certain dental issues.

Who is covered also varies between insurance companies and the different types of policies. If orthodontic coverage is included at all, it will almost always include treatment for kids. Many companies are also now including adults since so many people are getting treatment well after their teen years.

It is important to check with your provider before starting treatment to determine how much is covered and if there is a waiting period before you can use the coverage. Some companies require you to be a policyholder for a certain length of time before you can use the orthodontic part of the insurance. Other policies cover a higher percentage of treatment if you have been with the provider longer. 

How Does Insurance for Braces and Invisalign Work?

There are a couple different ways insurance can be used to pay for treatment. Some orthodontists accept payment directly from the insurance provider, while others collect payment from the patient who is then reimbursed by their insurance company. Either way, the same amount is paid by the insurance company, which means the patient ultimately pays that much less whether the practice receives payment from the insurance provider or the patient does. So don’t let this factor affect who you choose for treatment.


If you have other questions about insurance for braces or Invisalign for adults or kids, please feel free to contact Bruno Orthodontics. We’re happy to help!

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