In-Person & Virtual Consultations

Now there are two convenient ways to see an orthodontist in Chevy Chase!

At Bruno Orthodontics, our goal is to make orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible for our patients right from the start. That’s why we offer both in-person and virtual consultations where you can get the information you need to decide what treatment option is right for you or your child.

At our office? At your home? It’s up to you. Take your pick!

1. In-person orthodontic consultation

With our online scheduling tool, you don't have to wait until our office is open to set an appointment. You can check our calendar day or night and select the date and time that works best for you.

All of our initial consultations are complimentary and include the following:

  • Thorough examination
  • X-rays
  • Digital imaging
  • 3D printing
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Cost estimate for treatment

We know orthodontic treatment is a big commitment and that you need to find the right orthodontist for you, which is why we provide these free initial exams.

2. Mobile virtual consultation

Going to the orthodontist’s office for the first time can feel intimidating for some, which is why we offer free virtual consults.

Completing your virtual consult is quick and easy. Start by taking some photos of the inside of your mouth using your cell phone according to the steps provided. Next, send your photos and answer a few questions.

We’ll analyze your photos and send you a personalized report outlining treatment recommendations and a quote for each treatment plan.


Will I ever have to see the orthodontist in person?

It’s important to note that a virtual consult is not a replacement for your initial exam, but it is a no-pressure way to find out what treatment you might need. If you’re interested in getting braces or Invisalign after we meet virtually, we’ll invite you to our office to get x-rays and 3D images of your teeth.

All of this is necessary to ensure your treatment plan will be effective and safe. This is what separates us from “mail-order” orthodontic treatments that are gaining in popularity. While we use technology to make the patient experience more convenient, there’s simply no replacement for the attention and care of a highly trained orthodontist.