Life with Braces and Invisalign®


Grin and bear it

There will be a few minor adjustments to make when you start orthodontic treatment, but considering how great your smile will look and feel once you’re done, they will be well worth it!

Foods to eat and avoid with braces

To avoid damaging your braces and potentially prolonging your treatment time, you’ll want to make a few changes to the foods you eat. In particular, you’ll need to swap out crunchy foods for softer alternatives and sticky foods that can be hard to clean off of brackets and wires.

Foods to wait until after treatment to enjoy include:

  • Nuts
  • Raw veggies
  • Popcorn
  • Gummy candies
  • Corn on the cob
  • Caramel
  • Taffy
  • Gum
  • Ice

The Bruno Orthodontics team will be happy to help you figure out tasty and nutritious foods that are safe for your braces. You may even discover some new favorite foods in the process!


Playing sports with Invisalign or braces

Rest assured, you’ll be able to suit up for big games if you play sports. But if you’re involved in physical activity where contact is likely, such as football, basketball, or wrestling, you’ll want to be careful not to damage your braces or suffer a facial injury during treatment.

If you play sports, just let us know and we can supply you with an orthodontic mouthguard to keep your teeth safe. And when you remove your aligners during practices and games to make room for your mouthguard, be sure to store them in their case away from heat.

Making music with braces

In addition to getting used to the sensation of having braces, patients who play wind instruments will need to spend some time getting used to making music with braces. After a few weeks of playing your instrument with braces, you should be fully adjusting and ready to perform!

Many students who play in the school band find it beneficial to begin treatment at the beginning of summer so they are adjusted before the school year starts.


Keeping your Invisalign aligners safe

Patients who use Invisalign have the freedom to remove their aligners for meals, eliminating the need for food restrictions and making brushing and flossing easier. The only real trade-off is you’ll need to keep track of your aligners and ensure they don’t get lost or damaged.

Thankfully, doing this is quite simple. When you take them out, store them in their case in a safe place away from heat, pets, and small children. And of course, you’ll want to remember to remove your aligners if you’re consuming anything other than cold water.

To learn more about life with braces or Invisalign, contact Bruno Orthodontics today!