Retainers and Appliances

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Other ways we improve patient smiles

Braces and clear aligners aren’t the only important orthodontic appliances you can expect to encounter at Bruno Orthodontics. There are all sorts of devices that serve specialized purposes to perfect your smile and maintain lasting dental health.

Types of orthodontic appliances in Chevy Chase

You’ll hear your orthodontist use the term “orthodontic appliance” to describe a variety of objects used to correct crooked teeth or jaw issues.


This classic treatment consisting of brackets, wires, and rubber bands is still highly effective at moving teeth to correct crowding, spacing, and other issues. We offer silver braces and clear braces.


Clear plastic, removable aligners gradually shift teeth into place. Patients who complete treatment with Invisalign will get multiple sets of trays, each of which starts the next phase of movement.

Palatal Expander

Typically used in early orthodontics, this small appliance expands the palate to make room for adult teeth in kids around the age of seven, often avoiding longer, more expensive treatment later.

Rubber bands

Sometimes referred to as “interarch bands,” these little elastic bands connect to small hooks on braces or Invisalign and create the pressure needed to address problems with the position of the jaw.


Why wearing a retainer is so important

After putting in the time to straighten your teeth with braces or Invisalign, it will be time to protect your new smile! That’s where your retainer comes in. This little orthodontic appliance makes a big difference in keeping your new smile. If you ever lose your retainer or you neglect wearing it properly, your teeth could start to become crooked again.

How long should retainers be worn?

How long each day or week a retainer has to be worn varies from patient to patient, but you can expect to wear it indefinitely. Some patients may need to wear it all day, with the exception of meals, for the first few months before switching to wearing it at night or just a few days a week.

At Bruno Orthodontics, we use the latest and most advanced orthodontic appliances available to provide the best results possible for our patients. You can see which orthodontic appliances you might need by completing a virtual consultation or scheduling a free in-person exam at our beautiful office. Contact us today!