How can 3D printing help straighten my teeth?

straighten my teeth 3D printing

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to straighten my teeth,” but hesitated because you were concerned about the potential time or money involved? If so, consider how 3D printing technology can help you straighten your teeth while reducing treatment time and cost and improving the overall experience.  Many orthodontists, including Bruno Orthodontics, have…

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Do All Orthodontists Take Impressions?

orthodontists take impressions

Orthodontics has come a long way since the days of outdated headgear and clunky braces. In the past, it was also par for the course of getting orthodontic treatment to have an impression made of your teeth, probably even twice over the course of treatment.  How Do Orthodontists Take Impressions? To have an impression made…

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When Can I Stop Wearing Retainers?

stop wearing retainers

So, you’re finally finished with your braces treatment and you have recieved your new retainer. You might find yourself asking yourself, “when can I stop wearing retainers?” Just like with any medical or dental question, it’s best to listen to your doctor. For most orthodontic treatment, a majority of orthodontists recommend wearing a retainer for at…

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Lost or Broken Retainers: Why You Need to Act Fast 

According to Healthline, the average person wears braces anywhere from one to three years. That’s 12 to 36 months, 365 to 1,095 days, 8,670 to 26,280 minutes… you get it. You have invested every single one of those moments into bettering your smile. Your new and improved smile is your obvious reward, but the freedom…

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