orthodontists take impressions

Do All Orthodontists Take Impressions?

Orthodontics has come a long way since the days of outdated headgear and clunky braces. In the past, it was also par for the course of getting orthodontic treatment to have an impression made of your teeth, probably even twice over the course of treatment. 

How Do Orthodontists Take Impressions?

To have an impression made of your teeth involves the orthodontist or assistant putting putty into a tray similar to a mouthguard. The patient bites down into the substance for a few minutes and you have an impression made of the teeth. Impressions are made before braces treatment starts and often at the halfway mark of treatment to see how the teeth are progressing. 

Nowadays, treatment plans can be created without having to have a physical mold made out of your teeth. At Bruno Orthodontics, our office is equipped with the latest in orthodontic imaging technology. All of the new technology we utilize makes the orthodontic process as convenient and comfortable as possible. 

iTero Scanner

The ITero Scanner is a device that creates precise dental images to help your orthodontist create the best treatment plan. This is a contactless process that takes less than a minute to complete, and you can watch on the screen as the scanner creates a 3D rendering of your smile.

These 3D images take the place of the molds created from the impressions that used to be taken before treatment could begin. This makes the process not only more comfortable for you, but also faster since we no longer have to ship the molds of your teeth to the lab to have aligners or retainers made.

3D Printer

You may have heard how new technology in 3D printing has led to all sorts of innovations from printing new hearts for people to even printing houses for people to live in. We use this incredible technology to make orthodontic models of teeth and create retainers and other orthodontic appliances. Having a 3D printer right in our office decreases wait times for the creation of these appliances to help you get a healthier smile faster.

Virtual Consultations for New Patients

In the past, in order to know precisely what orthodontic treatment will work and the general timeline for treatment, you would have had to come in for an initial consultation. Now, you can send a few snapshots of your teeth to get a personalized treatment plan and quote without having to come into the office or commit to an entire treatment plan, all completely free. 

We also use virtual consults for existing patients for periodic check-ups to see how treatment is progressing, all from the comfort of their own home.

Not all orthodontists take impressions. Simply put, it is because, with the advent of cutting-edge technology, there are more accurate and faster ways to get an idea of what each individual patient will need for orthodontic treatment and less invasive ways to make sure treatment is going as planned.

At Bruno Orthodontics, we use the latest technologies to start you on a treatment plan that will have your smile looking brilliant and healthy in no time. You can schedule an appointment or virtual consultation to see for yourself how we use the latest in orthodontic technology. 

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