Should I Get Invisalign or Mail-Order Aligners?

mail order aligners

If you have been considering orthodontic treatment, you may have asked yourself, “Should I get Invisalign or mail-order aligners?” Mail-order aligners have become more popular in the United States over the past several years. However, there are several considerations to explore when making this decision. While the direct-to-consumer aligners are mailed directly to a patient’s…

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Insurance for Braces and Invisalign

insurance for braces

Straightening your smile has many benefits, but it does also have a cost. That’s why many people wonder about insurance for braces and Invisalign. Here are the basics about orthodontic insurance and how it can help pay for a healthier smile. Does Orthodontic Insurance Exist? While you can’t get a specific orthodontic insurance policy, there…

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