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Why More Women Are Getting Braces in Chevy Chase

More than ever before, adults are getting braces in Chevy Chase and around the globe. In fact, of the four million people in America who wear braces, 25% of them are adults, many of them women. You might have been thinking about getting braces yourself but weren’t sure if now is the right time. Or you might be wondering if you’re even a good candidate for treatment, especially with your busy schedule. But in fact, fall is the perfect time for women, especially moms, to begin treatment, as the kids are back in school. And adults are the perfect candidates for orthodontic treatment.  

Why should you get braces in Chevy Chase?

It is never too late to get braces, as women of all ages can begin treatment at any time. Maybe you never received orthodontic treatment as a child, or maybe you did but your teeth have since shifted. If you are 50 or older, you might have experienced tooth loss or weakening in your gums, leading to teeth moving around and filling empty spaces. Whatever the reason for wanting to have straighter teeth, braces as an adult are a good option to achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming about. 

What are the treatment options?

Treatment for misaligned teeth has both changed and stayed the same over the years. Still available and widely used, especially by children, are the traditional silver braces. They are typically the cheapest option, with a treatment time of around 16 to 18 months. You could also get ceramic braces, which still are attached to your teeth but are clear or tooth-colored. They are a bit more expensive than silver braces, but many women appreciate how difficult they are to see. 

A more popular option for adults is Invisalign. They are just as effective as silver braces, but are discreet and almost invisible. Instead of being attached to your teeth, Invisalign uses removable trays that are replaced with new ones as your teeth move, about every two weeks. This means you can remove them any time you’re eating or drinking, or if you have a big event to attend where you’d rather not wear them. Both ceramic braces and Invisalign cost more than silver braces, but they have about the same treatment time.    

But won’t it be awkward being treated alongside children?

At Bruno Orthodontics, we understand that it can be awkward or uncomfortable to share a waiting area and treatment room with children, and we want to make each visit as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Because of this, we’ve created an adult treatment center that is separate from the children’s treatment area. This provides you with the privacy and relaxed atmosphere you need to complete your treatment worry-free. 

If you’re ready to learn more about getting braces in Chevy Chase, contact Bruno Orthodontics today for a free consultation! We will figure out the best treatment plan for you. 

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