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How Orthodontics Has Changed in the Last Two Decades

If you are considering getting braces for your child, you may envision the process being similar to how it was when you were younger. The great news is there have been tremendous advances in technology that have made treating patients more effective, efficient, and comfortable than ever before. Two decades ago, braces were larger, more uncomfortable, and were more prone to cutting gums and cheeks. Many orthodontic solutions involved headgear, which could be cumbersome. 

Orthodontic treatment also took much longer and clients had to visit as often as every two weeks for adjustments to wires. However, over the last two decades, improvements in technology have transformed the orthodontic practice to make getting braces easier, more comfortable, and quicker than ever. This article will cover how orthodontics has changed over the last two decades.

Increased comfort

While traditional silver braces were the only option in the past, they are now one of many orthodontic solutions that clients can choose from. Silver braces remain a highly effective way to improve your smile and advances in technology have resulted in much lighter and smaller traditional metal braces, which allows for fewer adjustments and a more comfortable feel. 

More attractive options

Whether you want to incorporate your fun personality into your braces design or want orthodontic treatment to be discreet, there is an orthodontic solution for you. Ceramic braces, also called “clear braces,” use the same process as traditional silver braces, leveraging brackets, wires, and ligatures to move teeth into the correct position. Clear braces offer the additional benefit of making the braces less visible.

Another fun option is colored bands. Kids love coordinating the color of their bands to their school colors, favorite sports team, or holiday. Using colored bands is a great way for clients to express their personality and have fun with treatment. 

More orthodontic treatment options for adults

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment was thought of as something only for kids. However, nowadays, more adults are obtaining orthodontic treatment with outstanding results. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, 25 percent of all orthodontic patients today are adults.


A revolutionary invention that became popular in the 1990s was Invisalign. Invisalign is wonderful for clients who do not want to draw attention to their orthodontic appliances. Invisalign uses a series of plastic aligners that adjust your teeth over time. This treatment option also allows clients to better balance orthodontic treatment with daily activities, as the clear aligner trays can be removed to eat, drink, brush teeth, and floss. 

Speedier Results

It used to take a long time to obtain visible results from orthodontic treatment. However, new technology, such as memory wires and heat activated materials, straighten your teeth in less time. Self-ligating braces enable fewer visits to the orthodontist because they don’t require “tightening” like traditional braces.

Digital solutions

Advances in orthodontic technology allow for digital treatment planning, x-rays, and 3D models. These digital options not only allow for a more comfortable way to obtain a model for your teeth, but they also are safer and more efficient, while allowing you to visualize your final results.

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