men get braces

Should Men Get Braces?

Self-improvement is for everyone, and we all care about bettering our appearances. Society tends to assume women are more apt to change their looks, or that men just work with what they’ve been given. That is simply not the case. Everyone deserves to feel their best, and having a smile you’re proud of is a big part of building self-esteem.

While many people receive orthodontic treatment early on in their lives, most typically in their teen years, an increasing number of adults are opting to perfect their smiles as they age. Whether your family didn’t have the resources to cover braces or you didn’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment, the good news is it is never too late. So, should men get braces? Absolutely. If you are seeking to tweak your smile’s small flaws but are wondering if you’ll be the odd-one-out, have no fear. Plenty of men decide to straighten their grins as adults.

Why Should Men Get Braces?

Other than the obvious cosmetic benefits of getting orthodontic treatment, a lot of men get braces to address disturbances with bite and digestion. The continuous pressure on your jaw resulting from a misaligned bite can increase migraines and earaches, as well as increase your chances for getting cavities due to uneven wear on your teeth.

When food isn’t completely chewed, it ultimately leads to digestive issues. The mind-gut connection is powerful, and can contribute to a myriad of ailments that impact your daily life. Good sleep, a proper diet, and minimal stress are all key to living a happy and healthy life. We don’t always consider how important our dental health is, and if the issues aren’t obvious we might not connect the dots back to our teeth. Taking a closer look, it’s not hard to see why men should get braces. Though undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult might take longer, it is more than worth it.

How Do I Know What Type of Braces to Get?

If you’re considering spiffing up your smile, the first step is making an appointment with an orthodontist. You’ll need a professional examination of your smile, including X-rays and imaging, to determine the best course of action. Once your orthodontist has evaluated your smile, you can move forward in deciding which treatment modality works best for you. 

A lot of men express concern with the appearance of metal braces, and much of that can be attributed to our societal image of them being “teenage” in nature. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to wear the traditional metal brackets,  Invisalign could be an excellent alternative. The clear aligners get the same results as braces but are barely visible. The series of trays change slightly as your treatment progresses, gradually correcting any imperfections in your smile. Opting for Invisalign ensures your orthodontic treatment is as subtle as possible, allowing you to meet your goals discreetly.

Dr. Jill Bruno and her team have made scheduling as easy as possible with both in-person and virtual consultations. If you’re considering treatment but aren’t sold yet, schedule a call today to go over the possibilities with our office. We’re dedicated to finding avenues that work with your goals, your budget, and your timeline. With the new developments in the orthodontic field, orthodontic treatment is sure to work with any guy’s lifestyle.

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