hurt to get braces off

Does It Hurt to Get Braces Off?

Getting your braces off is a big milestone and one that all orthodontic patients look forward to eagerly. After months of wearing metal wires and brackets, making sure to not eat chewy or sticky foods, and paying extra close attention to dental hygiene, you can finally enjoy your new smile! But what is the process for getting your braces removed? Does it hurt to get braces off? Here is some information to ease your concerns ahead of your big braces-removal day. 

What happens during braces removal?

It’s time for your appointment to get your braces removed, and you should plan for the appointment to take about an hour. Your orthodontist will first remove the metal archwire around your teeth, then break the adhesive off your teeth. This is done gently with specialized tools, leaving cracks in the adhesive that make it easy to remove. The brackets are then popped off and the metal rings are removed from the back of your mouth. As a final step, your orthodontist will polish your teeth to get rid of any glue that is still left. If you’ve taken good care of your teeth while wearing braces, you should be left with a straighter, healthier smile. 

Before you leave the office, your orthodontist will take a mold of your mouth or scan your teeth to make a retainer for you to wear. For the first three to six months, you’ll need to wear your retainer at least 22 hours a day, removing it only for eating and drinking. After this initial time period, you will probably be able to start wearing your retainer only at night. You will need to wear the retainer for the rest of your life. This will keep your teeth from moving back to their original position and maintain your new smile. 

Does it hurt to get braces off?

No, it does not hurt to get braces off! While you might feel some pressure when your orthodontist is removing the wires and brackets, this shouldn’t result in any pain. After you get your braces removed, you could have some residual discomfort that lasts a day or two. Feel free to take over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or ibuprofen to relieve any discomfort. You can also use an ice pack to counteract any swelling, although the likelihood of this happening is extremely low. 

If you experience prolonged pain after your braces are removed, you should talk to your orthodontist immediately. This could indicate an issue and will need to be dealt with immediately. 

Getting your braces off should be a fun, low-stress process. And once they are removed, you have your brand new smile to show off. If you are ready to start your journey to a straighter smile, contact Bruno Orthodontics today for a free consultation! We will set up a personalized treatment plan for you so you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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