Dental Monitoring

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Discover Dental Monitoring: How it Works

  • Receive a notification from Bruno Orthodontics that it's time for a virtual checkup.
  • Attach your cellphone to the DM Scanbox and scan your teeth.
  • Submit the scan and any questions or concerns you may have right from your phone.
  • Await any further instructions from Dr. Bruno.

With Dental Monitoring, you'll spend less time at our office and more time living your life while improving your smile. Schedule a virtual consult with Dr. Bruno at Bruno Orthodontics today to learn more!

Benefits of using Dental Monitoring

  • Receive all of your aligners upfront and eliminate the need for frequent office visits.
  • Enjoy weekly "virtual checkups" that provide immediate feedback on your progress.
  • Experience enhanced accuracy in evaluating the fit of your aligners and tracking tooth movement.
  • Get shorter treatment time by promptly identifying and addressing any necessary corrections.
  • Gain convenient access to your Invisalign provider at any time and from anywhere.
  • Easily review and access your photographic treatment history for comprehensive monitoring and record-keeping.

Dental Monitoring Videos