What Do Rubber Bands on Braces Do?

rubber bands on braces

Getting braces may already be something you’re a little intimidated by, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s a big commitment to make the decision and then keep up with the maintenance of orthodontic treatment. We’re here to tell you the result is definitely worth it. You’ll be ecstatic with your new smile and self-confidence. One topic…

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Should Men Get Braces?

men get braces

Self-improvement is for everyone, and we all care about bettering our appearances. Society tends to assume women are more apt to change their looks, or that men just work with what they’ve been given. That is simply not the case. Everyone deserves to feel their best, and having a smile you’re proud of is a…

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Invisalign vs Braces: Which Is Best?

invisalign vs braces

Braces and Invisalign are the two most popular forms of orthodontic treatment. There are many pros and cons to both. Here is a brief overview to help you choose the option that is best for you. Braces Braces are the more traditional method of orthodontic treatment that’s been used as an effective way to straighten…

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The Best Braces for Adults

best braces for adults

Braces aren’t just for teens and tweens. There are plenty of options for adults to get a beautiful smile as well. No matter your age, a healthy straight smile looks brilliant on everyone. You’re never too old to feel more confident in yourself. Here are some of the best braces for adults. Why Adults Should…

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New to Braces? Here Is the Best Soft Diet

soft diet with braces

There’s so many exciting things about starting orthodontic treatment. There may also be a few changes you may have to make, but they will all pay off in the end when you have a healthy, brilliant smile. One of the most important things to keep in mind is what kinds of foods you are going…

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Am I Too Old for Braces or Invisalign?

too old for braces

We often fall into the societal trap of thinking orthodontic treatment is for our teen years exclusively; if we didn’t get braces by that time, the ship has already sailed. This simply isn’t the case. You are never too old for braces or Invisalign. You have the right to get the smile of your dreams…

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Insurance for Braces and Invisalign

insurance for braces

Straightening your smile has many benefits, but it does also have a cost. That’s why many people wonder about insurance for braces and Invisalign. Here are the basics about orthodontic insurance and how it can help pay for a healthier smile. Does Orthodontic Insurance Exist? While you can’t get a specific orthodontic insurance policy, there…

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